Wandering Pizzaioli LLC is a traveling wood fired pizza oven. After spending many years of cooking on a home built pizza oven, we at Wandering Pizzaioli decided to take our cooking skills on the road. Our head Pizzaiola Assu, was born in northern Italy where she learned her incredible dough making skills. Nothing but the best 00 flour is used in our shell making. In Italian, pizzaioli are "people who make pizza", we simply love to create and make the greatest pizza.
We at Wandering Pizzaioli cater reunions, weddings, parties of any kind, etc. and travel to various festivals around the Northwest. Along with pizza, we make incredible salads if our clients so desire.
At our latest event, we offered a pesto/prosciutto/parmesan cheese pizza (we called it the triple P) and a halibut in white sauce pizza. For dessert, we had a granny apple/lemon custard pizza demonstrating our willingness to try anything with pizza. Wow, did folks love them!
Our traveling oven is state of the art and is capable of cooking many pizzas at a time and handling large events.
We have a standard set up fee of $150.00 and of course must adjust it if we travel longer distances. We usually have a 30 minimum pie requirement for any event. Right now, we offer any standard pizza with a shell ranging from 10-13 inches in diameter for $10. Salads usually run $5 more. lf the client wants a more exotic pizza, of course the price of a pie will be adjusted.
So, if you are looking for a beautiful wood fired oven to cater your special event, do not hesitate to call and inquire. Our pizza is incredible. References are available upon request.
Our son, when seeing our new oven for the first time and eating the pizza replied, "IT COOKS AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS"!